Why come to me for ACP?

ACP is my favourite treatment to perform as it gives instant and permanent results. During my time working in clinic I was the only Aesthetician that performed ACP, so it became my speciality treatment. I have successfully treated thousands of people and thousands of different lesions including skin tags, thread veins, spider veins, seborrhoeic keratosis, xanthelasma and many more.

Due to this I was approached by Sterex, the manufacturer and national training centre for the ACP machine, they were writing a textbook and wanted me to be their featured practitioner.

I am honoured to know that I am in the book purchased by clinicians nationally, who are seeking training and a career in ACP. My being asked to participate in the book is testament to the high standards and amazing results that I have achieved.

The treatment is quick to perform but requires skill, due to my knowledge and experience, downtime is kept to an absolute minimum so you can get on with your day without disruption.

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Advanced Electrolysis - ACP Costs

Free consultation

If you are not sure what lesion you have, we are happy to see you for a free consultation to advise you if it is suitable for treatment, or you can send us a photo.

£50 per session

Anything up to 15 minutes counts as 1 session, we can treat as many lesions as necessary within this time

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ACP stands for advanced cosmetic procedures and is an advanced form of electrolysis. A tiny probe is used with a low-level current emitted to the end of it which creates heat. This heat is then used to cauterise the lesion, removing it instantly. What’s more is due to the skin being cauterised, it is sealed so there is no risk of infection.

The sensation can be likened to a hot sting, no anaesthetic is necessary as the treatment only takes a few minutes to perform.

Some mild redness around the area can be visible for up to an hour following the treatment, scabbing may then occur and in some cases can take up to 3 weeks to fall off, however following this you are left with smooth, blemish free skin.

Do not pick at the treated area, use strong exfoliators or cleansers as this will affect the healing time. Avoid make up and perfumed products for 24 hours. Avoid direct sun exposure during the healing stage to reduce risk of pigmentation changes, wearing an SPF daily is recommended.

  • Milia
  • Thread veins
  • Spider veins
  • Blood spots
  • Xanthelasma
  • Skin tags
  • Syringoma
  • Sebaceous hyperplasia
  • Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (needs a doctor’s letter to confirm that this is what it is)
  • Seborrhoeic Keratosis (needs a doctor’s letter to confirm that this is what it is)

Yes, it can be performed on any skin condition or skin colour.

Most lesions will only require 1 treatment, however some lesions may require more. An assessment will be made at your free consultation.

Advanced electrolysis is very low risk, you must avoid direct sun light for up to 2 weeks while the skin is healing as you have more risk of pigmentation changes. If any scabbing is picked during the healing process, it may result in scarring but this is very unlikely.

ACP Treatment

ACP Conditions

Please find before and after photos for the different conditions ACP can treat.


Blood Spot


Skin tag


Seb K


Spider vein


Thread veins



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